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Indoor window treatments are important, especially if you want to make improvements to your house. They match well in the living rooms and in the lounge area where guests are served. Curtains and blinds are available in a wide range of materials that complement your contemporary home decor perfectly.
Mandurah Blinds and Curtains offer high standard of customised or readymade blinds, curtains and shutters using quality materials and fabrics at reasonable rates. With the help of their specialists and installers, your home’s indoor blinds and curtains will have the best ideas and solutions for the right window treatment with different styles, designs, and colours that fit your needs.
A classic window blinds that have an organized look that never goes out of style designed for your home. These blinds are made from sturdy materials and horizontal metal slats that help control the sunlight passing through the windows. Mandurah’s Venetian blinds have different variety of materials such as wood, plastic, and aluminium, which you can clean effortlessly and only need to be wiped with a dry cloth.
These blinds have been the popular, practical, and functional alternative for window treatments for many years. Mandurah’s Roman Blinds have battens and a pulley system connected to the rear of the blind. They are plain but elegant that provides a clean look and made of high-quality fabrics. It’s an ideal choice for your bedrooms, dining area, and living rooms that gives a luxurious appearance.
Roller blinds are one of the most common blind choices on the market. It helps regulate the flow of light into your home. It’s a single piece of fabric wraps around a casing and fits into the top of your window frame such as bay windows. You need to roll and blind the fabrics to their maximum length if you want to clean these blinds and wipe with downward motions using a damp cloth. With Mandurah’s Roller Blinds, every room’s look can be changed easily and clearly.

Vertical blinds

It’s a sliding device that allows you to open your door or window. The vertical lengths of the fabric, or known as the louvres, are clipped with a plastic wand or chain to the sliding track at the top and can be controlled. It is made of synthetic polyester fabric, colour fading resistant, and durable materials, which ensures privacy and light control. There are a variety of designs to choose from Mandurah Blinds and Curtains that suit your colour scheme and style.
Mandurah’s Indoor shutters or plantation shutters are the perfect replacement for your traditional blinds or curtains. The materials are mostly made of wood, glass, or metal blades and slats. The style of this kind of window treatment can be either adjustable or fixed, and the openings make it easy to let some light in while allowing air to flow in and out of your house.

Panel Glides

Panel glides allow you to have complete access to view your area. They are flexible and an elegant choice for your wide windows and sliding doors. Mandurah’s panel glides are made of individual flat panels, which can be operated by a control wand, and slides from left to right. If you want to clear dirt and dust, you can quickly clean the fabric with a cloth or use a feather duster to keep it clean and maintain its appearance.
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