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External Blinds and Awnings - Australian Standard Window Treatment Ideas

Increase Outdoor Living by Having the Best External Blinds and Awnings
Outdoor awnings and blinds are the perfect options for protection from the heat of the sun or other environmental conditions, shielding your indoor furniture from fading and improved outdoor living.
Mandurah’s External Blinds and Awnings is extensive and provides quality service to all types of windows and patio areas. They provide high-end external blinds and awnings with personalised design concepts for full measurements, fitting and installation. Designed for contemporary Australian home and style, with both outdoor comfort and appeal. The blinds and awnings are constructed to be long lasting, low maintenance and add texture in your home in a way that is more pleasant and comfortable. Awnings and blinds specialists now give you a wide variety of patterns, colours, and types to choose the right window treatments.

Wide Selection of External Blinds and Awnings

External Roller Blinds

This kind of outdoor roller blind is the same as an indoor roller blind, but is suitable outside your glass or bay windows, by rolling down vertically. They are made of special material that is powerful enough to prevent 80% of solar radiation. Mandurah’s external roller blinds are simple to operate, either manually or automatic that are extremely convenient.

Straight Drop Awnings

A common yet popular type of awning that will give you privacy and sun protection while adding a modern and elegant outdoor look to your home. This kind of window covering is good for shading verandas, pergola areas, and balconies. They are simple to use, can be lifted and dropped using a rope and pull system installed at the back of the awning. Straight drop awnings come in a range of high quality materials and style choices available at Mandurah Blinds and Curtains.

Retractable Awnings

If you want a secondary window covering mounted on the exterior wall of your home, Mandurah’s Retractable Awning creates a vibrant outdoor look that can suit your style and cost-efficient. It is installed over the windows, doors, or even over the sidewalk area, built to be waterproof, and can help protect your patio area. It was constructed using canvas woven from acrylic or polyester cloth that is closely spread over a light aluminium material to keep it sturdy.

Folding Arms Awnings

Mandurah’s Folding Arm Awnings is an all-weather window treatment, it’s an ideal solution for your outdoor areas. These awnings have many advantages over permanent roofing options. By placing retractable canvas fabric under an optional hood/cover in a full cassette container and adding frames with foldable lateral arms. It’s suitable for your windows and doorways, also can be installed against a wall, a fascia, in a roof, or overhang it.

Metal Louvre Awnings

Are you looking for effective heat control or sun protection shades, and awnings suitable on balconies and patio windows? With Mandurah’s metal Louvre awnings, you can control direct sunlight and prevent UV rays damage, which helps you to conserve electricity and reduce the cost of air conditioning. Available in both fixed and adjustable louvre’s, it can be designed in horizontal, vertical, or overhead positions on your windows.
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